Tools for professional translators: Top 6 options

Even for experienced translators, it’s not uncommon to run into challenges or pitfalls. Translation of complicated documents and texts is a complicated process. Also, contextual relevance can often be difficult to grasp. In this short piece, I enlisted top 6 tools for professinal translators.

If you’re getting started or are in the intermediate level, we can help you out. Thanks to the meteoric rise of modern technology, there are helpful tools for translators. A host of different softwares and other digital resources are available to translators.

A few of these tools can make your translations a lot easier. Here are six of the most unique and useful tools I found useful. Even the most skilled translators would be glad to have access to these incredible tools.

SDL Trados Studio

Starting at just above €500, SDL Trados Studio is one of the cost-friendly options for the discerning translator on a budget. Some of the prominent features of SDL Trados Studio include —


memoQ is a self-styled translation management system. It is a translation package primarily designed for enterprise-level use. memoQ is ideal for translator teams and language service providers. To be more specific, the tool is suitable for large-scale projects involving multiple languages.

Reflecting its enterprise-grade nature, memoQ sports advanced project tracking and workflow control solutions. These features come with automated quality assessment protocols and report generation options. Besides, it also offers a more affordable pricing tier for individual translators. Finally, memoQ authority offers a myriad of pricing options required for the enterprise clients of every scale.


Wordfast’s speciality is that it is a cloud-based TM (translation memory) tool. The features of Wordfast include –

Wordfast helps to boost productivity across the board with its user-friendly nature and TM system. The tool is available in both desktop and server grade flavours. It is also one of the most affordable translation packages out there, starting at as low as $460. Students can also take advantage of its free educational licensing options.


The next translation management system on this list is Memosource. Its primary strength lies in its artificial intelligence-powered translation engine. The translation engine helps to identify and translate even the most complex of documents to a very much acceptable degree.

The automated engine simplifies the language before the human translation chip in. Needless to say, this helps greatly cut down both time and cost for any project. Along with dedicated desktop clients, Memsource also has a web-based version.

The software runs in any browser and syncs its contents with the cloud in real-time. As a result, you can take advantage of the cloud technology. It also synchronizes projectwise specialized terminology. In effect, the entire panel of translators can maintain quality and consistency of their project.

Déjà Vu

Since its origins in 1993, Déjà Vu has been a powerful and versatile tool of translation. It has received many new bells and whistles with each new version. The current version of Déjà Vu features a fuzzy match repair feature. The feature enables the program to —

Déjà Vu also suggests words, terms, and sentence fragments. The purpose of this feature is quick selection and placement during manual translation sessions.

Also, it supports speech recognition if typing seems too much of a pain. With a laundry list of useful features, prices starting at €420 and a 27-year legacy, Déjà Vu is rather difficult to pass up as an option.


Whether you are an independent solo translator or part of a giant localization team, Wordbee has what you need. It has as many as 10,000 users across a variety of disciplines.

Wordbee features stellar translation management. Also, it features a host of built-in linguistic tools which are suitable for any translation task. The tool helps users with consistency and standards across the entire translation process.

Wordbee has come a long way with its evolution over a decade. It has a powerful integrated project management system. Wordbee is a recognized tool with a moderate annual subscription fee. The tool is a comparatively better choice for temporary projects.

The opportunity of working with professional tools made life easier for us. At time, we’ve to deal with bulk amount of translation works. The key matter is to manage a team of professional translators with the help of cutting-edge technology.
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