Syeda Nur-e-Royhan

Syeda Nur-E-Royhan

Editor, Translator

Syeda Nur-E-Royhan is a freelance translator and editor by profession. In her nine years of career, she has served as —

Royhan is one of the fellows of Dhaka Translation Center, an enlisted translator of ICDDRB, Praava Health, BCCP and many others. She has completed several translation projects with International Rescue Committee (IRC), UNICEF, Dot Consulting, and others.

Royhan’s passion for literary translation has driven her to work as a translator in The Book of Dhaka: A City in Short Fiction. It was published by UK Comma Press, where she translated the story Janani; written by Rashida Sultana.

She also worked as one of the translators in Kamal Chowdhury: Selected Poems; published by Bengal Lights Books in 2017.