Shilpi Das

Shilpi Das

Researcher, Transcriber, Translator

Shilpi Das is a PhD Research Scholar at the Department of English, Kazi Nazrul University, India. She is interested in South Asian Art with special reference to the women painters.

She has a special knack for transcribing lectures and translating texts related to Gender and Art. Poetry is one of the genres she is fond of exploring.

She has participated in various national and international conferences in India and abroad. She has presented her research papers on those occasions too. Her research papers have been published in several reputed journals and edited volumes.

Research papers

Here is a list of papers she presented during different seminars and conferences —
Title — Breaking the Post-Traumatic Silence of Draupadi/ Dopdi Mejhen: A Tale of Resistance of a Non-European Subaltern Lady.

Conference — National Conference on ‘Re-visiting the Discourse on Women’s Rights: New Forms of Violations and Contestations’, held at K.C. College, Mumbai, India, in September 2016.
Title — Women, Buddhism, Nationalism: A Study in their Interrelation through Asitkumar Haldar’s A Panorama of the Life of Lord Buddha Depicting the Life of Lord Buddha.

Conference — International Conference on Women and Buddhism: Perspective on Gender, Culture and Empowerment organized by Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts (IGNCA), New Delhi, India, in March 2017.
Title — Reification in the Name of Deification: Reclaiming the Body as a Product of Indigenous Ideas and Discourses Formed an Essential Aspect of the Nationalist Effort to Contest Colonial Power.

Conference — International Conference on Visual South Asia: Anthropological Explorations of Media and Culture, at University of Dhaka, Bangladesh jointly organized by Department of Anthropology, University of Dhaka and Department of Sociology, South Asian University, in May 2017.
Title — Exploring the Case of Cultural Memoricide in Pre-Independence Indian Paintings: A Reassessment of the Underestimated Creative Genius of Select Women Artists.

Conference — International Conference on Retrieving Voices from the Margin: Thinkers of Modern India (Second Chapter) at IIAS, Shimla, in March 2018.
Title — Singling Out the Subdued Self: A Gendered Reading of Realism and Reality in the Select Memoirs of Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Bengali Women.

Conference — The Research Scholars’ Workshop on ‘Exploring Narratives of Freedom: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives on Women and Equality’ organized by Centre for Women’s Development Studies (CWDS), New Delhi and Vina Mazumdar Memorial Fund, in April 2018.
Title — When Indian Art Owes to Irish Art Critic: An Attempt to Pay Tribute to Sister Nivedita, India’s Foremost Woman Art Critic on the Occasion of her One Hundred and Fiftieth Birth Anniversary.

Conference — Second Ireland India Institute Conference organized by Ireland India Institute, Dublin, Ireland, in April 2018.
Title — Art History and its Dis(contents): A Reassessment of the Underestimated Creative Genius of Select Women Painters of Early Twentieth Century India.

Conference — American Council for Asian Art Symposium (ACSAA) XIX held at Edinburgh College of Art, University of Edinburgh, Scotland, in November 2019.

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