Samirah Tabassum

Samirah Tabassum

Content Writer, Interpreter, Researcher

Samirah Tabassum is an interpreter and research assistant. She has completed her graduation from the Department of English, Jahangirnagar University. She is currently pursuing her postgraduation from the same department with a concentration in Literature in English and Cultural Studies.

In her four years of career as an interpreter, she has worked with U.S Embassy, Canadian High Commission, Ministry of Women. Also worked for Children Affairs, Ministry of Finance, MSF, CARE US, FAO, ILO among many others.

She was actively involved as a core organizing team member of Dhaka Literary Festival for two consecutive years.

Samirah holds a profound interest in research and has worked as a Research Assistant for a project. Concerning the Rana Plaza tragedy (2013) under University College Dublin, Ireland.

Her research works were presented in conferences home and abroad including XXII Congress of ICLA (International Comparative Literature Association), Macau (2019) and FCT XXI International Conference on Revisiting Cosmopolitanism, India (2018).

She also conducted fieldwork on the culture of Rohingya refugees which was later published in the form of research article. It includes in Sixth issue of The Comparative Media Arts Journal by Simon Fraser University, Canada.

Her areas of interest and research include Postcolonialism, Diaspora Studies. Including areas are Disability Studies, Critical Animal Studies and Cultural Studies.

She loves travelling to new places and conducting fieldworks in-betweens adds to the spirit of her adventurous trip tales.

Presentation and papers

Title — Exploring Formalism: A Comparative Reading of T.S Eliot’s and Jibanananda Das’ Conceptions of Poet

Conference — XXII Congress of the ICLA, Macau SAR, China (July-August 2019)
Title — Bangladeshi Folk-Culture vis-à-vis Popular Drag Culture: Ghatu/Ghetu vis-à-vis Drag Queen (Accepted)

Conference — XXII Congress of the ICLA, Macau SAR, China (July-August 2019)
Title — “Aarar naam Arkaani”: Exploring the Formation of Identity and Diasporic Consciousness in Rohingya Songs (Published)

Conference — Comparative Media Art Journal, The School For Contemporary Arts, Simon Fraser University, Canada
Title — Glocalizing Higher Education: An Exploration of Students’ Perceptions of Domestic Exchange Programmes in Bangladesh (Accepted)

Conference — International Conference on Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, “In Pursuit of Quality in Higher Education: Challenges Ahead”, Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, ULAB (August 2019)
Title — Spacing Linguistic Cosmopolitanism in Bangladesh: Translocalism as an Alternative Paradigm

Conference — XXI International Conference on Revisiting Cosmopolitanism jointly organized by Forum on Contemporary Theory and The International Lincoln Centre, Odisha, India (December 2018)
Title — ‘My heart’s calling, Oh my friend’: Locating the Diasporic Consciousness in Rohingya Songs

Conference — International Conference on Refugees in the Public Imagination: Discourse of (dis)location and (dis)placement, jointly organized by ULAB and DU (December 2017)

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