Prethee Majbahin

Prethee Majbahin

Content Writer, Entrepreneur, Translator

Prethee Majbahin is a graduate research assistant. She is from the Department of Criminology, University of Dhaka. She has been working with different national and international organizations for a while. Some of the organizations she worked with are –

Her area of research interest includes —

Prethee has worked in the research team of ‘The Testimony of Sixty: on the Crisis of Rohingyas in Myanmar. The work was published in November, 2017. She has also contributed to a fact-finding research. The title of the paper is Allegations of sexual violations on Rohinya which took place in Myanmar. The research was conducted by National Human Rights Commission of Bangladesh and UN Women.

Apart from working as an enthusiastic young researcher, Prethee has other interests. He is a content writer. entrepreneur and translator. She contributed to one of the most popular daily newspapers, The Daily Observer as a freelance writer.

For a short period of time, Prethee worked as a blog writer at 10 Minute School. 10 Minutes School is the largest online educational platform in Bangladesh. Prethee achieved ‘The Best Writer’ and ‘Writer of the Month’ award at 10 Minute School. Currently, she is involved in her own research project on refugee education. Also, she has started working as a Social Media Ambassador of “Thread”. Thread is an incredible online museum exhibit. It is initiated by Harvard Graduate School of Education.

A few published articles and reports



  • The Testimony of Sixty on the crisis of Rohingyas in Myanmar (Report on Rohingya Crisis)