Mehedi Hasan

Mehedi Hasan

Content Writer

Mehedi Hasan pursued his bachelor and masters in dept. of Anthropology from University of Chittagong. For more than three years, he has been serving for many national and international organizations.

His field is an emergency humanitarian crisis. His working areas are qualitative and quantitative research. Also, he is busy with information management, monitoring, evaluation, accountability & learning, etc.

From the academic course, he was engaged in some paid and voluntary research projects. He served as Research Assistant. It was at Social Science Research Institute, University of Chittagong. His area of research interest includes multidisciplinary culture, medical anthropology. Also, he works on climate refugee and emergency refugee context of human trafficking, and so on.

Presently he is working as Monitoring Officer at ActionAid Bangladesh. He worked as an Information Management Officer in BRAC. Also, he worked as a Monitoring & Evaluation Officer in Fondation Hirondelle.

As a Field Research Assistant, He worked in icddr,b. It is titled A Qualitative Research on household water treatment among Unregistered Myanmar Nationals in Cox’s Bazaar. He also worked as Research Assistant in a research project of UNDP in the partnership of A2i.

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