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Team Members of Writers Point

Mohin Uddin Mizan
Writer & Editor

Syeda Nur-e-Royhan
Editor & Translator

Shilpi Das
Creative Writer & Researcher

Mohammad Ataullah Nuri
Writer & Researcher

Begum Sumiya

Samirah Tabassum
Researcher & Interpreter

Tanni Saha
Content Writer

Nobonita Roy
Writer & Digital Marketer

Prethee Majbahin
Content Writer & Researcher

Mehedi Hasan

Md Imran Hosan
Content Writer

Zubair Ahmed
Content Writer & Editor

Asmaul Husna Simi
Editor & Researcher

Sabiha Anjum
Content Writer & Translator

Samia Binte Alamgir
Researcher & Translator

Md Ashaduzzaman
Editor & Content Writer

Mahmud Alam
Translator & Researcher

Fahmida Hoque Meem
Translator & Researcher

Mostafijur Rahman Shipto
Wildlife Photographer

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